How to be productive

These are not golden rules but those that work for the author and I share most of them with the author. Some experts as follows:

Those of us plagued with perfectionism have a tendency to never be satisfied. While this can be valuable at times, more often than not it leads to major delays and missed deadlines. To address this problem, I consciously try to set attainable goals, be pragmatic, and realize that a completed product/project/or task is much more important than perfection. Perfection can only be achieved when a project is refined over time. It is unrealistic to believe that perfection can be accurately defined during a project’s inception.

  • Write down what needs to be accomplished
  • Break tasks down into the smallest unit possible
  • Prepare your environment for productivity
  • Start with the quickest/easiest tasks first
  • Set small, medium, and long term goals
  • Only work on one task a time

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